The State of Behavioral Learning 2020 research study




Navigating continuous change has become a critical business differentiator. Companies today need employees to become self-starters, identify possible opportunities to collaborate cross functionally, and build daily habits that will enable them to work seamlessly and create business leverage. Behavioral skills are a critical component of delivering value to businesses. In this context, employers can't just expect their employees to display behaviors right from when they walk through the door; they need to invest actively in training employees.

This study on ‘The State of Behavioral Learning 2020’ by People Matters & Harappa Education brings together data from 350 companies, a first-of-its-kind research study aimed at understanding the priorities, challenges & opportunity areas for companies on behavioral skills.

Here is a preview of the key findings:

  • Personalization is a key challenge: While 85 percent of the companies participated in the study have programs focused on behavioral skills, most of them do not have a personalized behavioral learning roadmap for the employees

  • Behavioral learning program implementation: 'Applying learning to work' & 'an uncertain business environment' are the top challenges in implementing behavioral learning programs

  • Primary modes of delivering behavioral skills: On-the-job, digital learning & classroom are the go-to methods for training employees

  • Impact of learning behavioral skills to business outcomes: 52% of the companies participated in the study do not measure the impact of learning behavioral skills to business outcomes

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